Respeaker USB Mic Array

I assume that this device is not capable of echo cancellation with a Raspberry Pi because it has no backchannel from the audio output of the pi audio system?

The linked webpage says under “Features”:
Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Echo cancellation (EC) will work as long as you use the Mic Arrays Audio Output. EC will not work when you use the Mic Array as audio input but some other soundcard or the RPIs audio output.
I own the predecessor (Mic Array V2.0) and features like EC, VAD, DOA, etc. work very well.

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I can confirm this. This respeaker Module is the best Mic-array for mycroft in my op. I test a lot and this is my favourite.

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@suisat have some recommendations for the mic setup?

Hi, I have also just got a USB 4 mic array, Installed on a Pi 3B+ and Picroft latest.

The audio test worked OK, then when running Picroft, I can not get any audio out of the USB 4 mic array, although I can see the output text in the CLI.

I too would appreciate details on how to set up this card.

many thanks