ReSpeaker 4 mic LEDs

Hello there,

how can I use the LEDs on the ReSpeaker?

Sorry for my bad english.

I think this is the wrong forum for your question, nevertheless here is some more information for you (that I have googled in less than 60 seconds):
scroll down to section “Play with APA102 LEDs” - there you find instructions how to run a demo script for the LEDs

I wouldn’t ask if I googled before. I found this guide too, but it don’t work for me.

The demo worked for me and makes a good starting point of what i wanted to do.

Create an enclosure section like the mark 1 and connect to the message bus connect yhe different functions to actions of mycroft.

It is in my to do list, like so many other things…

Thank you, for your quick response. I will try it as soon as possible.

I have the same struggle :smiley:

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Howdy @hagen and @j1nx

The first demo worked for me, but the second failed.
Has either of you had any luck using the LEDs with mycroft?



It has been a while since I looked at it, but as far as I remember I only quickly ran the “” and that’s it.

Just placed it onto my to long ToDo list to create an enclosure for it such that we have some sort of blue-isch LED light structure which is similar as what the MyCroft logo does under KDE plasma.

Haven’t looked back at it since then, as the task ended up on page 7 on the todo list or something :smiley:

First early version available;