RESOLVED: Temporary Service disruption

Hi all, we’re experiencing intermittent service disruptions at the moment.

This may cause device connections to the backend for things like pairing or Skill settings updates to fail.

We’re looking into it now.

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hello we are using mycroft for a university project due tomorrow do you have any idea if these issues will be resolved? many thanks

Hey, I haven’t got it yet but Chris V is about to wake up in the US and this is his jam so I’m confident we’ll have fully service restored shortly.

Hey @Touhey - service has been restored.

Still investigating the root cause so we can prevent it from happening in the future but all good for your presentation :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

many thanks that seems to be working now

To be on the safe side you may consider running a local backend:


if you run the personal backend i recommend you use

when selene was released the project was repurposed to be a “fake backend” running on same device instead of an alternative codebase , I stopped development on personal-backend repo.