[RESOLVED] Reinstalling mycroft/ mycroft not able to connect

I have two questions in one:
Mycroft won’t connect (in the CLI it displays a lot of text and at the end: WS client will reconnect in 10 seconds and then failing again). I thought, no problem I will try to reinstall mycroft. Then I realized that I don’t know how to reinstall mycroft. So it would be awesome if someone could help me reinstalling mycroft or help me solve the connection problem.

Thanks in advance,

Hi here @Adutchman, sorry to hear you’re having some troubles.

That error message usually only appears if the mycroft-* services have not started.

What sort of installation are you on - ie Mycroft for Linux (? which Linux), Mark 1, Picroft etc

Best, Kathy

I am using KDE Neon, newest version (Ubuntu 16.04) with the Plasma widget, sorry for not stating that earlier.

OK, let’s try solving the connection problem first.

  • Try doing sudo service mycroft-* restart. This will restart all services.
  • Then try doing ./start-mycroft.sh cli. This will start the cli.

alternatively you can just try

  • ./start-mycroft.sh all - this will start all services.

Does this work at all?

Yep, that did the trick, thanks!

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Awesome, thanks for confirming back :slight_smile: