Research I'm Doing

Hey everyone,
I am doing research on how the advances of APIs are affecting our ability to code personal assistants.
I was wondering is anyone knows of a good tool that can be used to see how effective the mycroft API or software library really is.Some kind of guide or test that can be applied and where results are present. Any help or thoughts are appreciated. Also if anyone that is part of the Mycroft Project would be willing to answer 2 question that I could use for my research would be awesome.

Hi there @avellant, thanks for your question.

Are you able to give us a little more information about your research - is it for academic research as part of a study?

You can read more about our Skills Testing framework here;

It really is just a high school level research essay looking at how APIs have allowed us to code voice assistants

Sure, you can find more information on the Mycroft API at;

But I’m not sure that answers your question - feel free to join us at if you’d like to chat in more depth :slight_smile: