Request for testing my echoUtterance skill

Hi all,
I have finally uploaded my echoUtterance skill to github. Feel free to get it from:

My thanks to this community and to Jarbas for his help with creating this skill.
The echoUtterance skill speaks back what you have said. It also outputs the uttertance via a HTTP POST request at port 15000. I am working on a client for this skill which will output what is being said to a web page and will update the same dynamically.
Feel free to test and send feedback.

Hey @pranav, this Skill looks awesome, thank you!

What’s the best way to test this? Do we need to set up a listener on port 15000 to catch the HTTP POST payload?

Hi Kathy,
You can catch the post request on port 15000. Here is the client I am using. You can see the display on the console as well as on a web page.
This client uses the remi library.
See below for the code of the client. I tried uploading the client as a file but it appears that the forum accepts only images.

import remi.gui as gui
from remi import start, App
from remi.server import get_instance_key, clients

class Signer(App):
def init(self, args):
super(Signer, self).init(args)

def do_POST(self):
    content_length = int(self.headers['Content-Length'])
    post_data =
    instance = clients[get_instance_key(self)]
    #runtimeInstances[str(id(self))] = self
    print("POST SPOKEN TEXT:" + instance.spoken_text)
def idle(self):
    print("idle spoken text:" + self.spoken_text)

def main(self):
    container = gui.VBox(width = 120, height = 100)
    self.lbl =gui.Label('you said:')
    return container

if name == “main”:
start(Signer,address=‘’, port=15000, multiple_instance=False,enable_file_cache=False, update_interval=0.1, start_browser=True, websocket_port=14000)