Replika skill for mycroft

I had an idea for a skill the other day. It would be very simple one using the replika program. Anytime mycroft doesn’t recognize a given command the skill takes what the user said and enters it into the replika chat bot (Google it) and then mycroft reads out the chat bots response. This allows the user to have VERY realistic conversations with mycroft(as replika is constantly improving) while not interfering with its other skills.

Replika is a free online chatbot that is incredibly life like. Try the replika app, its surprisingly human for a chatbot. I think this would make mycroft better then any other home AI on the market.

Just a thought

Regarding free it is a service that is free to use, but it dosnt look like it is free in all aspects.
I have been looking for something like replika to, and replika is looking good for this purpos,

There isnt info about api acces to replika, so I have contacted them for information regarding api acces.If there is an documented api, it would be easier to make a replika skill, if not it would requere more reverse engenering to figure out who to auhentificate and comunicate with replika.

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Well it dosnt seem easy to make such a skill as the reply from Replika is:
"We do not provide an API nor access to the Replika source code. We do not have intentions to change this now or in the foreseeable future. "

They do point in a direction whith this:
“We do provide an open source code known as Cale Chat. This however is not a replika, it is merely a fragment of a section of Replika.”

So I try to find information on Cale Chat to see what that is and what it could do in a mycroft skill.

It looks like they did have a typo in the reply, and were refrence cakechat. That could be made into a skill :slight_smile:

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It looks like TREE industires alreddy have made a skill for cakechat

The skills isnt in the market, and do not instal cakechat. but I am looking at it now and try installing cakechat aswell.

the cakechat is a big one, and couldnt get it installed on my Pi.