Replacement Parts and Stuff?

Hey, my Mark I is starting to show its age these days. Recently the speaker has started to pop and hiss regardless of what it’s doing. I was thinking of buying a new one while I was waiting for the Mark II to ship, but it appears they’re out of stock. The speaker is easy enough to replace, but I was also thinking of upgrading the Pi that drives the Mark I. Is the current image for the Mark I compatible with a 3B+ or even a 4?

The mk1 image is built around a 3b, but definitely wouldn’t work with a 4 yet.

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Yeah I don’t have a 3B+ to test with unfortunately. Might see if I can borrow one and give it a go. I really don’t need to add to my Pi collection permanently lol

As baconator said, it definitely won’t work with the 4 and probably never will.

Ahh, that’s unfortunate. I got my hopes up when I saw that the Mark I image was last updated in June. I thought maybe they were including some of the Mark II code in there that would make the Mark I work with more recent hardware. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

The challenge with the Mark 1 is that we need to interface with the other components. Given the Pi4 requires Debian Buster it’s just an unknown amount of work to get it working, tested and released. So we need to stay focused on the Mark II.

Nothing stopping Community members from giving it a go though :smile:

The improvements we’re making for the Mark II will definitely get pushed to the Mark 1 too. The biggest limitation is the microphone, so the Mark 1 will never be able to support barge-in like the Mark II with it’s mic array.