Release Notes v0.9.9 | Mark I Boot Sequence

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Visual Cues during Mark 1 Boot Sequence (#1308)

The Main focus of this release was creating visual feedback during the Mark 1 boot sequence. The eyes and faceplate now provide indicators of the stage of the system--so when you see any of the following, here's what's going on:
  • Spinning gray eyes Indicate the system just started, Arduino running and Pi booting
  • Solid gray eyes Pi booted
  • (Optional) Orange eyes, update message on faceplate Flashing new sketch to the Arduino
  • Yellow eyes Mycroft starting, waiting on internet connection
  • Yellow eyes, update message on faceplate Updating software from the web
  • Blue eyes (or user selected color) Mycroft is ready for use!
Additionally, the gray eye color and an update message will return during system upgrades.

Command Line Interface (CLI) (#1299)

Two new minor features for the mycroft-cli-client:
  • Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+L allow scrolling through the command line history
  • New ':clear log' command cleans out the old log message from the display


  • Values in the settings.json were overwritten if skills initialize self.settings['key'] in init (#1304)
  • Bad settingsmeta.json prevented skill from loading and showed a convoluted error. Now a useful message is logged with the JSON error message and the skill continues to load. (#1300)
  • Add missing 'self.' in an obscure corner of the Enclosure code. Thanks JarbasAI! (#1302)
  • The MycroftSkill.translate*() functions were not correctly rendering mustache values with 'double mustaches', such as "This a a {{value}}" (#1303)
  • Fix Unicode issues in Portugese version of extract_datetime() utility. (#1301)
  • Missing space in shell script prevented creation of a directory when switching to Github install in utility (#1298)