Release: Home Assistant Skill

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working on a skill for my favourite home automation software Home Assistant and today I’ve released version 1.0.0. Currently it supports turning on and off several different HASS entity types and uses fuzzy matching on the entity friendly name to determine which entity to turn on/off.

Please check it out at and let me know what you think. Bug requests and contributions are welcome.


Interesting. Can you make a video to show us what it can do?

That video is one of the best showcasing the capabilities of Home Assistant (Ben does a great job). I’m afraid I don’t have time to make a video for the Mycroft skill - I’d be happy to embed one in the README file if anyone else wanted to step up.

I can see the on the HASS forums / github there has been updates to this component.

I can see in the code that you can send more than just text to speak to Mycroft, however thats as far as i can figure it out. Can any one let me know how i would pass text to speak and change the eye color etc ?

Hey there @cooljimy84 are you able to give us some more info so we can help troubleshoot?

  • Are you using a Picroft, if so a GitHub install or the Picroft image?
  • What are you able to do now?

The Mark 1 has a mycroft-cli-client which allows you to type in commands, but I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for?

Sorry, totally forgot any details.

So i have a mk1 and i’m using the Home Assistant plugin that pushes text to Mycroft to speak.

But it doesn’t seem to support any thing else than test. I was wondering if anyone had an example (or ability) to send JSON to Mycroft and have it read some text and (for example turn the eyes red)

Maybe you want to use the mycroft-homeassistant skill by @btotharye: - which is a more recent fork of @robconnolly’s skill with more functionality added, including Python3 support.

i do, however that is the wrong way,

I want to push from Home Assistant to Mycroft, text works fine, but i was wondering if it’s a simple as sending it JSON formatted with the data needed.

OK, if I understand correctly you want to be able to send a text to be spoken plus instruction for eyes&mouth-animation from Home Assistant to your Mycroft Mark I. While sending text to be spoken works you are missing the animation part.

One way to achieve this create a custom Message Bus handler (e.g. inside the Home Assistant skill) and pass a JSON snippet to it. You will also need to write some code for Home Assistant that connects to the Mycroft message bus…


Awesome, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. If i get anywhere i’ll update this post and publish to github

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This is exactly what I need thanks! I am having one issue though. I installed the skill and I put in the credentials for my home assistant install but for some reason picroft is not allowing me to turn my lights on and off still. Every time I say “Hey Mycroft” “turn on the kitchen” or “Turn on the bedroom” it just says “Sorry I don’t understand”.

I have everything set up and working in home assistant with my virtual switches but mycroft just does not seem to understand.

Also yes I did make a token and it put it into