Recording mycroft tts output

For a project I am working on I wanted to record out mycroft’s tts to a recorded audio file.

The current work around I have is adding ```“play_wav_cmdline”: “cp --backup=t %1 /home/andruid/mycroft.wav”```` to the system config (mycroft-core/bin/mycroft-config edit system

This will create a new wav file for every time mycroft would have talked.

I tried simply cat %1 >> /home/andruid/mycroft.wav but had no luck on that. Are there any better ways to record out audio from mycroft?

I believe it dumps the wav into the /tmp/mycroft/ directory, check there for the uuid?

ETA: this may just be for the American male voice currently.
ETA2: For mimic2, at least, look at and you can write it wherever you want.

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