Recipe-library- skill if anyone wants to try

for anyone who might be interested here a recipe library skill. for reading localized library. there also a tool so you can download and add in your own favorite recipes from
the skill is found here

to use the tool simply run it with url
./recipe World's Best Lasagna Recipe (with Video)

it will add it to your localized mycroft recipe library so you should always have access to your favorite recipes. this will also allow you to edit the recipe too your own preference or correct weird vocalizations … once the title has being entered it will not be added a second time.

for mycroft

list recipes — reads out what recipes you have

find recipe sourdough pancake – will read out the recipe

read me random recipe –

okay good luck have fun - give it a try if you like …

by the way not sure if I built the github directory correctly I believe I did . but if for some reason I messed up the compressed file is working skill compressed into a single file

you need to install lynx for scraper to work – sudo apt install lynx


You can also try to use this API:

I added to the github repository batch scrappers… by category so if you are vegan or bread and cookie person you can easily download to your library

basic usage is ./cookie_recipe will download the days top picks
miscrecipe download a miscellaneous recipes… I pretty sure i can add that feature as voice operated action ie get more recipes or get vegan recipe

if running and it gives you permission error chmod +x ‘filename’ will correct that
also think of making a Gutenberg scrapper download the top 100 pubic domain books reader if someone would interested in that… sure it require a bit of space 500m to 1gig but SD are pretty big and cheap now a days

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I am a cookie-tarian so this is excellent!

I guess one more update to recipe library skill - it pretty much a rewrite of it
and function completely different

now you can download by category - beef, pork, chicken, vegan, cake, cookies, bread, snacks, breakfast … etc via voice interface

to do download recipes to the device just say “download new bread recipe” and it will download the days top bread recipes from allrecipe .com
to list catagories just say “what are my recipe categories”
to list recipes in the category just say “list bread recipes”

to have mycroft read out or display recipe - just say - bread recipe “banana bread” and it will find your banana bread recipe

read me random bread recipe - just say “random bread recipe”

individual recipe upload still works
ie ./recipe
but to get access to those use:
list my favorite recipes
favorite recipe standing roast beef
random favorite recipe

ok good luck have fun

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update- you can now say
read ingredients- it will read the line by line after prompt option are yes ( next line) repeat and continue which reads at a slow pace continuously through the list of ingredients
read directions- it will read the line by line after prompt option are yes ( next line) repeat and continue which reads at a slow pace continuously through the each direction
if mycroft times out waiting for a response to re initiate just say Mycroft – “please repeat” ,“please continue”, " next line"
also “email recipe”. you just need to adjust email script to match your email setting ( tested for google mail but should work for other email servers- just set email option to unsecured email as one would do for any external devices such as security camera and other devices ) and you can send to any address. later on i will probably add option email to my email address or my wife or table , computer etc

currently after download recipe for the first time per category you need to wait several minutes before it done after that downloading recipes are much faster