Reboot and shut down command not working

When I ask Mycroft to reboot or shut down; the machine asks to confirm the command; I say yes; and nothing happens. It appears this skill is not working? Any suggestions to fix this problem?

Those actions require Enclosure support. Currently the only system which catches those messages is the Mark 1. There is some discussion about adding it to the generic Picroft image. What hardware are you running on?

I’m not the OP but I discovered this thread after having the same issue - I’m using Picroft on a 3B+. It would be nice to have this functionality for Picroft.

Hi All,

I am adding my experience with “shutdown” skill, I am runnig Picroft on a RPi 4B , and after confirmig “shutdown” command, nothing happens,… I would also appreciate remote shudown clue, SHH remote command perhaps?, I am using Home Assistant version 106, and my project is about controlling IOT, media server and “Mycroft” from it.

Can anybody help?
Thx,in advance,…

Just adding SSH remote shutdown works fine.

Note this restarts mycroft and not the system(cause I run on linux). lmk which is more preferable for you shutting down the system or shutting down mycroft GitHub - g3ar-v/linux-system-skill: handle reboot and shutdown events

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