Really stupid question about json mycroft.conf and defaulting it

so i have the mark 1, and it works.

but trying to get my /home/mycroft/.mycroft/mycroff.conf to include my new skills i cloned and installed i fall flat.

One here is my file contents
“tts”: {
“mimic”: {
“SkillInstallerSkill”: {
“path”: “/usr/local/bin/msm”
“HomeAssistantSkill”: {
“host”: “”,
“password”: “1qaz2wsx”,
“ssl”: true
“SpeedTestSkill”: {
“host”: “”,
“http_debug”: 0
“runs”: <runs, recommend 10>

if i proper mess it up, how do i default it and start again ?

Many thanks, the JSON format really breaks my brain (been looking at to much YAML)

@cooljimy84 Your json formating seems to be a little off. The code snippet below should fix any json errors you have. Also you can check out this site, to make sure your json is correct.

{ "tts":{ "mimic":{ "path":"/usr/local/bin/mimic" } }, "SkillInstallerSkill":{ "path":"/usr/local/bin/msm" }, "HomeAssistantSkill":{ "host":"", "password":"1qaz2wsx", "ssl":true }, "SpeedTestSkill":{ "host":"", "http_debug":0, "runs":"" } }

I was on that site looking, but I think my lack of understanding of json meant I couldn’t figure out what I need to change to make it all pass.

Now just to default my unit and start from a known good point

@cooljimy84 if you copy and paste my code snippet that should have fixed any errors you were having.

Only just got round to testing and it.
when i type in speedtest or speed test it tells me it can’t find the intent…

python -m mycroft.client.text.main cli --quiet

Not sure i’ve put that code in the right file…