Raspberry Pi 5!

Next month: Raspberry Pi 5 – Raspberry Pi

-Mike Mac

Now make it a zero size, and they’ll have a winner.

Standard Pre-orders

First batch
If you placed your order before 28/09/23 10:00 (UK Time), we estimate these pre-orders will start shipping at the end of October and early November

Second batch
If you placed your order between 28/09/23 10:00 and 28/09/23 20:00 (UK Time), we estimate these pre-orders will start shipping November/December

Third batch
If you placed your on/order after 28/09/23 20:00 (UK Time), we estimate these pre-orders will start shipping early 2024

For the majority it will be whatever early 2024 means.

Where can you order from?

-Mike Mac

You prob will not get one until ‘early 2024’ now.
I have one on pre-order but still think the Opi5 is looking a better option especially as it manages 1.4watt idle and generally much better efficiency likely due to the 8nm SoC and also the A55 big.Little
I ordered the 4gb £59.30


We’re trying out the Rock 5 also :slight_smile:

Yeah RS used to manufacture under license to raspberry but they fell out and they are pushing the Rock boards hard.
I have a Rock5b and a great board and also nearly x2 efficient than the Rpi5 if you don’t use a NVME as found they do add a few watts.
Orange Pi 5 is prob my fave for a low cost RK3588(s)

   Any chance some one will make a how to vidio on installing  a raspberry Pi 5. or the rock 5.

Is there any thing that needs to be done with programing? or can the the board just be installed ?
Can anyone tell me what level of improvement will come from changing the board.
I’m not a programer so a vidio would be helpfull to make a modification that works .

Are you testing the rock 5 A or B and is one better for mycroft the other?

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I’m working on a photo guide. You won’t need video. You’re better off with the stills.

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We have the B, the one below exactly. Looks like the A has a cost-optimized RK3558S with a bit less power vs. the RK3558. We went with the higher powered one, but I’d need @NeonDaniel to say if that’s really necessary, or just us planning to allow for future increases in features. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

For the RK3588s the OrangePi 5 is far more cost effective https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004941808071.html £57.27

If your going for the full pice3.0 x4 of the RK3588 then the Radxa Rock5b and OKDO support would make a great home server /AI as 6 port sata M.2 are only £20.
Interestingly its does have hdmi in but only 1080p but as well as AI it could be a great media/file server with its supposed 8k hdmi outputs.
Model wise you can get up to 32gb Ram but really only the smaller models that you can squeeze into 4/8gb work without becoming to laggy for any realtime use.
GitHub - Joshua-Riek/ubuntu-rockchip: Ubuntu 22.04 for Rockchip RK3588 Devices for me is doing some of the cleanest and most up to date images on Ubuntu and the experimental Linux mainline images he does is very near complete.

Hi All
I just got my raspberry pi 5 and tried the stable image and the dev image and can’t get it to boot headless so I can ssh I’ve done the network settings for WiFi and tried Ethernet. I install a lite raspberry is and followed the guide to compile your own image and I get a lot of dependency errors. Newer versions already exist so I assume that ok and let it finish. Once finished I still can’t get it to work. I noticed the image for Raspberry is based on the lite Buster OS and the new OS for the 5 is bookworm I think this could be the reason.

Has anyone had luck getting this work on a Pi 5?

Mycroft AI went down, you might want to try official forks such as Open Voice OS or NEON.

If you are willing to try Open Voice OS, you might want to try the ovos-installer. Just flash a Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit Lite on your Raspberry Pi 5 and follow the steps here:


Thanks man! Yeah I’ll try that.

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I tried Open Voice OS and HiveMind Installer, but it died. Here are my choices and the end of the log file:

 You are almost done, here is a summary of choices you made to install Open   │
                             │ Voice OS:                                                                    │
                             │                                                                              │
                             │     - Method:   containers                                                   │
                             │     - Version:  development                                                  │
                             │     - Profile:  ovos                                                         │
                             │     - GUI:      false                                                        │
                             │     - Skills    true                                                         │
                             │     - Tuning:   yes                                                          │
It died:
$ cat /var/log/ovos-installer.log
Tuesday 09 January 2024  10:33:16 -0500 (0:00:04.326)       0:00:09.015 *******
Gather reduced subset of facts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.35s
ovos_installer : Handle linux-cpupower package ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.33s
Check CPU architecture support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.13s

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Sorry for the late answer @mike99mac, it should be fixed.

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