Raspberry Pi 5 findings

Canonical recently released ( https://ubuntu.com/blog/whats-new-in-security-for-ubuntu-24-04-lts ) Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat). I’ve been waiting for this for a while and hope the CPU temp will stay in the low 70C’s with passive cooling. I have a fan, but really don’t like the sound.

  • Bad news: it would not install on the RasPi 5 - was not worth the wait :((
  • Good news: Raspberry Pi OS (Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)) did install.
  • Good news: I got the HiFiBerry DAC Plus Pro working after many reboots. I have the cogent settings in /boot/firmware/config.txt if anyone needs them.
  • Good news: The RasPi 5 is noticably faster than the 4, and uses much less CPU.
  • Bad news: It runs hotter - near 70C with no CPU load and in thermal-danger-land over 80C with a PVA stack running. Thus I cannot use passive cooling. Putting heat sinks on my only RasPi 5 was probably a mistake. I will now have to pry them off, trying not to damage it, so I can use a fan.

… time passes …

  • Bad news: After taking off the heat sinks and installing the fan, the DAC hat will not plug in as the fan adds .43" of height.
  • Good news: I had an assorted set of 40 pin GPIO extenders and one female to male was the right size. I assembled the tower of parts.
  • Bad news: Tried it first without the DAC hat, then with it - both times Linux will not boot. I got the “Welcome to the Ras Pi OS Desktop” screen, but it sat for a couple of minutes then went into emergency mode.

I flashed a new RasPi OS, and stood up a new PVA stack…

  • Good news: Mic and speakers work without any tinkering. lsenv report pulseaudio is not running but pipewire is. Must be the difference between RasPi OS and Ubuntu.
  • Bad news: Buttons daemon does not load. I get “RuntimeError: Cannot determine SOC peripheral base address”. I read on a RasPiforum: “RPi.GPIO, wiringPI, and pigpio do not work on the Pi5 which has new hardware for the GPIO.” One post recommends gpiozero. Has anyone got GPIO pins working on the RasPi 5?
  • Really good news: The CPU temp is now only in the high 50C’s. If the fan is spinning, I can’t hear it. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in the config.txt and PulseAudio configuration (if any) you used to get this working :slight_smile: .

I opened an issue in gpiozero but the latest kernel 6.6 changed the way GPIO is exposed to the OS which broke a bunch of libraries. I haven’t gotten around to finding a library that currently works but I also expect this to change a lot in the next few weeks/months with Pi5 availability and 24.04 LTS.

I was about to give you a wrong answer. I read on the HiFiBerry website that you had to set up the DAC HAT as a slave. I mucked and mucked with the hifiberry dtoverlay, and finally got it working.

But then when I added the fan, I borked my Linux and had to reinstall. The second time through, I was not thinking about the DAC HAT and ignored tweaking the config.txt file. And it just worked! The HiFiBerry guys must have fixed their code.

My install1 script always preps a fresh Linux for an install of any PVA stack. Here are the changes it makes to the config file, but it adds nothing about specific hardware:

(venv_ngv) pi@raspberrypi:/boot/firmware$ diff config.txt config.txt.orig
< dtparam=audio=off
< dtparam=spi=off
> dtparam=audio=on
< # dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d
> dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d
< # disable_overscan=1
> disable_overscan=1

Regarding GPIO pins, I’ll work on them this coming weekend and will report back any progress.

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