Raspberry Pi 4 git installation problem

Hey, im kinda new to raspberry, mycroft and linux.

I have a fresh Raspberry Pi OS (64 Bit Lite) on my Pi 4.
I installed git and followed the instruction like here:

But while running the installation script, i get an error on:
Collecting PyYAML==5.4
Using cached PyYAML-5.4.tar.gz (174 kB)
Installing build dependencies … done
Getting requirements to build wheel … error

      The license_file parameter is deprecated, use license_files instead.

      By 2023-Oct-30, you need to update your project and remove deprecated calls
      or your builds will no longer be supported.

      See https://setuptools.pypa.io/en/latest/userguide/declarative_config.html for details.

AttributeError: cython_sources

ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1:
/home/kbn/mycroft-core/.venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pip/_vendor/pep517/_in_process.py get_requires_for_build_wheel

Does someone had the same error or could help? Thank you alot ! :slight_smile:

Mycroft is no longer operating: FAQ: OVOS, Neon, and the Future of the Mycroft Voice Assistant

Try this: Installing an Image - OVOS User Documentation

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