Raspberry Pi 3 B Model

Dear community,

I read a lot about the compatability of Mycroft with Raspberry Pi, but I could not find an answer to the following question:
Is Mycroft okay with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (without plus)?

The docs say that Model 3B+ is not supported, yet. Check.
The docs say that Model 3 is the best option to choose. Okay.
Do I need an “old” Model 3 or will Model 3B work?

Sorry, if this is a dumb question! I am just a little confused because of one letter and one plus.2
Thanks for your help!

The 3B without the plus will work great. That is what the picroft image targets and what is powering the Mark I.

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Hi there @michaelgrey, thanks for the question and apologies that this isn’t clear on our Picroft documentation, I’ll get that updated right away.

The Model 3B will work well out of the box, the Model 3B + will not.

Dear klundry and KathyReid,

perfect, thank you very much for your quick help! :slight_smile:
I am looking forward to install mycroft!

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