RASA X Community Edition being sunsetted

May be of interest to this community:

another opensource voice project goes into the sunset …

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Not exactly true.

“Rasa X is a toolset that layers on top of Rasa Open Source, making it easier to review conversations, identify next steps in development, and create new training data to improve far beyond the first version of your assistant.”

Rasa Open Source still exists.

the night comes after the sunset, give it time

Seen as its even in the above article that Rasa Open Source are looking forward to years of continued partnership what sort of time are you expecting decades… centuries as its a bit oddly named not to be opensource.

Rasa X are their extra tools that they are making commercial only and likely their revenue angle, but Rasa Open Source definitely isn’t and maybe you should post on the Rasa community forum about this supposed darkness that is plainly not happening, but to check reaction.

" We will continue to invest in Rasa Open Source, the go-to developer framework for conversational AI and an essential component of our enterprise platform. In fact, we have several open roles for the core development of Rasa Open Source. Our framework now has more than 25 million downloads, and we’re extremely grateful for our fast-growing developer community that includes 15,000+ forum members and 750+ contributors. We look forward to your continued partnership on even bigger improvements in the years to come."

Hi, it was more or less clear from the beginning that Rasa X would be available for free for a limited time. The core of Rasa (Rasa Open Source) remains and I expect the community will respond to this change by reviving/forking botfront (https://botfront.io/) - even if Rasa Inc. acquired Botfront last year, the code’s Apache2.0 license should allow forks.

My project COALA uses Rasa in combination with Mycroft and we are elaborating how to proceed with this recent change. I can post an update once I know more - but so far, I do not see a significant loss here.