Random Topic Pro and Contra Arguments

What is this about

I would like mycroft to have more educational abilities. But I think in most cases this should be very hard to archive.

But today I had one Idea, which is probably not that difficult to put into practice. I stumbled across the following website today: https://www.kialo.com It provides relatively well structured data with arguments for and against a many different topics. It would be nice to have mycroft on command choose a random topic and read the topic as well some pro and contra arguments for it. This could be useful to take a step out of our opinion bubbles and the text pieces are not that big so that the TTS Processing should not take very long.

An interaction with mycroft could look like that:

U: Hey Mycroft
U: [Can you ]Propose [an|another] [intressting ]discussion topic.
M: Whats about: (Discussion Topic)
U: Hey mycroft
U: Tell me more about the discussion topic you proposed.
M: The pro side argues that: (arg1), they think: that (arg2) and …
M: Popular contra arguments for that topic are: (arg1), (arg2) and (arg3)

I think the conjugations for that can be chosen randomly and the introductions as well, but I am not sure. I dont know if it could make sense to build this sentence dynamically or if it is better to provide a hard template for possibly 3 pro and 3 contra arguments …

Thats for you to decide … a little discussion here would propably be nice too.

Possible Options to Store

  • Number of arguments to read for each categroy (pro|contra).
  • picked topic from the last skill interaction (temporary)

I am intrested to do it myself but in the near future I have to accept that i won’t get to it.
Therefore if someone is interested: have fun.