QuickStart Privacy distro

I know that PiCroft is work in progress - but I think it could be made easily accessible today.

If someone were to take the latest version - setup the auto start service- and configure it with a local STT server and out of the box support for the 6 mic ReSpeaker hats and bundle it with a 3D printable enclosure model - there’s a lot of smart home enthusiasts with great interest in private voice control.

Many of them baulk at the idea of Linux command lines but they’re quite keen to retain privacy. I know I could eventually muddle through and get it all sorted myself.

But to eliminate any need for linux ssh connections would be awesome. This might mean a simple ionic app to connect the server to the mycroft account via restful?

I only mention it because I’m happy to model the case if someone could assist with the distro image? I could also do the ionic app. Is anyone interested in this little mini project? All open source and free for all of course…

I’m not sure how far removed picroft is from the mk1 - is this a pointless exercise?

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I think that would be the mycroftOS initiative that could be the basis for a simpel easy install for people that just wants to install and use mycroft.

A bit busy at the moment, but should be able to pick it up again in 2019.