Question about Mel Filter Bank

Great tool, thank you!
I am trying to use mycroft for sound instead of speech. I’m getting low 80% ‘accuracy’ for true positives. which is good, but I think can be better.I have tried to change the window, hop and some of the other params resulting in marginal improvements.

Am I to understand the mycroft uses a similar mel filter bank as this?

Then reviewing my target sound I see that my target spectral range is 600hz to 3Khz.

does precise have params for adjusting the mel filter banks? I see some params here but do not see mel filter bank params to change more linear for example or adjust the spectral range… etc

pardon my ignorance this is all new to me. Is it possible to adjust mel filter banks in precise?

Any chance you’re asking about the n_mfcc parameter?

is there a visual somewhere that shows how changing this param affects ?

Not yet but if you make one I bet it would get added.