Pycroft runs at full volume - object has no atribute ‘mixer’

I know that there is a subject about USB speakers elsewhere on the forum, but this is about a pycroft analogue audio… from the standard connector.
Pycroft SHOUTS all the time :slight_smile:
It is full volume and when I tell it to decrease the volume I get an error… It seems pycroft has forgotten the mixer?

ANY help will be appreciated, as it is not very “friendly” to shout all the time ( The volume used to be at a reasonable level, but somewhere it went full volume and cannot be turned down :frowning:

Deffently not polite to shout anything :wink:

Can you control the volume using alsamixer ?

I would recomend you to change to subject to something like
Pycroft runs at full volume - object has no atribute ‘mixer’
as that is exactly the problem. Mycroft can for soem reason not find a mixer and then not control the volume.

Thanks… I have changed the subject as you suggested…
I don’t know how to use alsamixer…
Looks like I will have to find out how ! from the ssh session it gives a nice “ansii graphic” but the “f” keys do nothing but drop out of the application.

in alsamixer you can use Tab insted of F-keys to choose between in and output devises.
Arrows up and down to en or decrese level.

Many problems around picroft and audio seems to disapear when installing pulseaudio. You could try that by

sudo apt-get install pusleaudio

and then reboot or restart mycroft

If you later dont wnt pulseaudio then uninstall by same command just change install to remove.

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thanks :wink:
I managed to get mycroft to stop SHOUTING at me with alsamixer :slight_smile:
I will have a play with pulse audio when I get time

Hey, also worth checking out your mycroft.conf file as you can set a default level, as well as min and max volumes. There’s a simple example on the mycroft.conf documentation page.

So your ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf might then look like:

  "max_allowed_core_version": 18.8,
  "VolumeSkill": {
    "default_level": 25,
    "min_volume": 0,
    "max_volume": 83