Pycharm: Mycroft module not found


I want to start writing my own app and I would like to do it using Pycharm as my IDE. However, when opening the file created using mycroft-msk, it has issues finding the mycroft module. I was wondering if it has anything to do with the virtual environment. If it is so, can anyone please tell me how to activate correctly? And if not, then how to download the mycroft module? It seems that pip doesnt have that module (well, there is one but it comes from a shady source).

I appreciate any help.


I will guess that if you start PyCharm from inside the venv everything will be OK.

You activate the venv with which located in the mycrof-core folder.

That said I would recomend the Theia IDE skill, as it installs and setup a complete IDE reddy to use. If using msm --latest install theia-ide then it should install not only on picroft, but on linux installs to.

Thank you for your answer.
I activated the venv and started pycharm from there. That brought up a menu that informed me that I had to install all the requirements listed. I did. However, the mycroft module not found problem is still there. If anyone else has an idea how to fix this, I’ll be glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Could be that you have to choose the python interprenter from within pycharm?
This says how to create (which you dont need) and how to select the venv.

Hey @consetto, I use PyCharm as my ide. Are you running mycroft on the same computer you’re have PyCharm installed on, or do you have a picroft where mycroft isn’t installed on your computer using PyCharm?