PVOutput - testing and feedback

This skill gets solar energy and power data from https://pvoutput.org.

How to install PVOutput

  • Install PVOutput by …

    • Running msm install https://github.com/wildmountainfarms/pvoutput-mycroft
  • PVOutput connects to SERVICES …

How to test PVOutput

  • Configure the Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai by putting your API key and System ID into the configuration
  • “How much energy has been produced today?”
  • More phrases here

Where feedback on PVOutput should be directed a

This skill will likely not be useful for most people, but for the one or two people with a solar panel system, this might be fun to set up. I’m using my own program (solarthing) to upload data to pvoutput, but there are many other programs to do that if you have a different system.

If this is something people are interested in, I’d be happy to help them set this up.