Public facing platforms - web, chat, forums and Personal Servers

Hello all,

I am currently converting my Php and Nodejs applications powering my multi-bot system to Python to integrate the system with Mycroft.

I’ve been working with this system since 2011 but never had speech to text / text too speech, concentrating on creating multiple GUI generated web / chat personalities.

I understand Mycroft AI is supporting the community in the goal of having stand alone servers, too support those who do not have a fast internet, who have privacy concerns and those who would like too personally configure an advanced personalized assistant, rather than one size fits all.

The technology I have been using is:

Chatscript, a product of Brillig Understanding, Inc. -
Openfire, a Ignite Realtime Chat Server -
Php, Nodejs, Python, Vmware ESXi, uBuntu and Linux Mint -

I was wondering if anyone else here is doing something like this, and has advice or would be interested in sharing information?

I just dropped my internet connections too check Mycroft interactions, and although my keyboard based assistants still function perfectly, Mycroft just responds that the net is down.

I look too build assistants that are Not dependent on outside services too function. I think in a real setting, this would be the goal for speed and reliability.

Thanks for reading…