PS3 Eye Security Cam

I took a hint from the wiki and got a PS3 Eye Cam as the mic array is good on them and my $8 ebay purchase is real cheap.

Which got me thinking about the Cam and wondered if anyone could do a security skill.

If you leave “Mycroft going out” then it will start a movement/tracking on the cam and save to say google drive and local.
On any Mycroft ‘wake’ turn off.

Its actually quite good to have a cam even if relatively low res like the PS3 Eye cam, but unlike others is private due to the nature of Mycroft so wondering if that would be a good skill.

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I thnk it sounds like a good skill. Unfortnaly I dont have an PS3 Eye cam…

|Creative|VF0790|Working|Mic and camera||
|Logitech|C270|Working|Mic and camera||
|Logitech|C525|Working|Mic and camera||
|Logitech|Webcam Pro 9000|Working|Mic and camera||
|PlayStation|Eye (PS3 Eye)|Working|Mic and camera|

If your using Picroft there are quite a number of mic/cam combo’s that can be picked up cheaply.
PS3 Eye due to playstation popularity is just numerous and hence cheap.

But I saw that list and thought why not use the cam as the security aspect on absense would be quite good.

I presume all the above where listed as they have quite good mic arrays.

“The PlayStation Eye features a built-in four-capsule[1] microphone array, with which the PlayStation 3 can employ[10] technologies for multi-directional voice location tracking, echo cancellation, and background noise suppression. This allows the peripheral to be used for speech recognition and audio chat in noisy environments without the use of a headset.[1] The PlayStation Eye microphone array operates with each channel processing 16-bit samples at a sampling rate of 48 kilohertz, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 90 decibels.[1]”

The mic array for a under $10 2nd user cam is really good hence why I focussed on that, it was listed havent checked yet how Mycroft handles it.

I am still waiting for bits and pieces to build a Mycroft but was thinking maybe even just start/stop a docker container of motioneye?

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I will have to play with it and the Pi4 when I get it and see how pulse/alsa works or is best.

I know the ReSpeaker is supposed to have built in sound processing goodies but apart from the backroom noise actually to me it sounded better.
ReSpeaker had that processed noise that I often find confusing but maybe not for digital processing…?

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Ignore those settings from cnx soft.
Found that the raspbian autodetection and

Works great

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