Prrof of Concept - Face Recognition on Mycroft

Hey all,

Since there has been some talk on a camera on the Mark 2, I tried fiddling around with my RPi 3/Pycroft/PS3 Eye system to help imagine what a face-recognition enabled home assistant system could look like.

Here is a simple script to recognize people by the face, and to give a personalized briefing in the morning and evening. I’m using OpenCV to do face recognition. There has been no noticeable degradation in Mycroft’s responsiveness on the Pi 3.

The device does run significantly warmer by about 20 C, and I suspect the pi might start to get thermally throttled without a fan.


My very first time doing something besides number crunching with Python, so code feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Excellent work. I’ll test it out on my next animatronic. I’m adding a Speaker Array to allow the robot to turn in the direction of the speaker as well.

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Yeah I have been thinking the same actually wondering how accurate DoA is but could be fun.

Its driving me crazy sourcing though as really all I need is a simple low profile ‘pancake slip ring’

Same with rack & pinions feels wrong but might have to use Lego

I can get these but adds height

What you using?

I am not entirely sure why you need a continuously rotating system.

Why not just use a 360 degree servo and make sure that the head doesn’t spin round n’ round by software?

(i.e. if the head was facing at 300 degree and needs to turn to a 10 degree heading, take the long route through the 180 degree position, if you get what I mean)

I don’t have to have a continously rotating system but want to isolate cables from a whole unit that will rotate.

Still wondering if DoA will be accurate enough but dunno about axis tilt, but will prob have to use OpenCV for that maybe.

I don’t even have to have a full track but having a slip ring would make things much neater.
Just surprised as they are such a simple device its been a struggle to find a low profile one as don’t want the puck turning into a tower.
Its a brush on a track, simple, but hey not as easy to find as I thought.

I guess I could just have a ‘through hole’ and cables as you say, but just thought a cheap slip ring would be available. It just ocurred to me all my I/O is audio apart from maybe power and poss stereo out so its a few tracks on the slip ring.

Prob will just ‘through hole’ it, now you mention it
The rack gears are also not easy to find