[Productivity] Reminders

Skill name: reminder-skill

User story:

  • As a Mycroft user, I want to be reminded of explicit events that I tell Mycroft about

  • As a Mycroft user, I want to be reminded of implicit events that Mycroft is aware of, but that I have not explicitly told Mycroft about. Examples would be geographically-relevant public holidays - such as ANZAC day for Australia, or Waitangi Day for parts of New Zealand.

  • As a Mycroft user, I want to be able to set the level of urgency of reminders so that the urgency of the reminder can be conveyed via voice using tone and prosody.

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?

This is wide open for debate.
Again, like the Calendar Skill Suggestion, this Skill could allow the user to choose from several reminder platforms.

  • The obvious choice is reminders from Calendar entries, depending on what the user wants to use for their calendar service
  • We could use a built in reminder service which then synchronises with home.mycroft.ai or is stored locally on the Device itself (ie for offline use)

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?

There is an alarm Skill, but not necessarily a Reminder Skill

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

  • "Hey Mycroft, remind me to {{task}} at {{day}} at {{time}}
    ie - Hey Mycroft, remind me to put the garbage out on Tuesdays at 8pm

  • (repeating reminders)
    “Hey Mycroft, remind me to {{task}} every {{day}} at {{time}}”
    “Hey Mycroft, remind me to {{task}} every week at {{day}} at {{time}}”

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

  • "You have a meeting at {{location}} at {{day}} at {{time}}
  • "You have {{task}} due at {{day}} at {{time}}
  • “I’m reminding you that it’s Memorial Day next Monday - would you like me to clear your calendar?”

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

  • This will depend on what platform or mechanism is used for reminders

Other comments?

I’d really like to find out what people use for Reminders currently?

Great idea. And very well described.

As I understand you, Mycroft will announce reminders (without being asked), when will that happen?

You ask what we use for reminders: I use the cows lists, setting due dates when asking Mycroft to create a task. But I have to ask what is due, It is possible, however, get reminder mails from RTM. Also, implicit events is not an option, only tasks added explicitly. Priority of tasks are comming to the cows lists when I get some time:) along with possibility to change due dates and priority.

Ok, this post is somewhat fluffy, and does not really propose a solution that is easy to implement without sensors of some kind. I hope it is not going off on a tangent, consider it food for thought.

If I understand you correctly, you want notifications.
And by notifications, I mean the situation where Mycroft suddenly announce something, without being prompted.

Notifications, i think, is difficult: I have a setup, where Mycroft notify me about events in the house, like “the cellar is flooded” or “the back door has been open a long time”. But often it is difficult to catch what Mycroft says, due to noise, or just not being near Mycroft. I make Mycroft say “Attention:” before a notification, it helps, but does not really solve the problem.

I would like an polite Mycroft, that catches my attention, then notify me. Or ask me if I want to be notified, depending on the severity of the Notification. And maybe Mycroft should ask for confirmation, that I got the notification.

Like, if Mycroft detects my presence, it asks:
"Hello, you have reminders for today, do you want me to read them now"
Because this could take a while, and I might be on my way to the kitchen to save whatever is in the oven.

Or, if Mycroft detects my presence, and a reminder with a time stamp is coming up, it just notify of this one reminder.

Or, if Mycroft is interacted with for some other reason, then after the transaction, it would say “And by the way, you have reminders for today”. Because that does not require anything that detect my presence. However, it opens the discussion about several people in the household using Mycroft. Or if the household should use a common calendar.

On the Mark II, the screen could be used to signal that notifications are waiting, and for who.


Hi Carsten, Been a while. I saw your previous post. I am keen to ask if it would be something that you would be willing to assist me with, I am currently struggling in terms of creating a similar project. I have an Ultrasonic sensor that I would like to interface with Mycroft to announce the imminent water level reading in terms of warming, critical and safety levels.
looking forward to your response.
Many thanks

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We have implemented part 1 of this, Explicit Reminders, as part of the Neon AI Alerts skill. If this gets more community votes I’ll add the further functionality to our community development list, which I’ll share publicly soon. :slight_smile: