Problems on MyCroft backend?

I have been having problem trying to fix a problem with the Home Assistant Skill. I was getting an error about a URL problem and no being able to connect to any of my lights. I SSH’s into MyCroft and watched the debug screen. It is sending out http://:8123 and not including the ip address of my Home Assistant RPi. I re-entered the ip address with no change. I tried rebooting both the MyCroft RPi and Home Assistant, no change. I uninstalled the skill and tried re-installing. I have been waiting over 10 minutes and the skill hasnt completed installation.

When I tried to re-enter the ip address of the Home Assistant RPI and clicked the save button, I got a brief message that the service wasnt available and would be back shortly.

Subsequent tries to save the same information no longer gets the message about service not available.

I had a similar problem with that skill once (though it got fixed in an updated version), and as a workaround, I hardcoded the IP and port of my Home Assistant server in the config file for that skill. You could also try opening an issue on the GitHub repo for that skill.

note: skill was orphaned and taken over by united-skill-writers, new repo here

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