Problem with pairing skill

Hello everyone.
I already installed mycroft ai on kali linux lastest version.
When I run the setup script, a had problem with pyYAML (5.4) installation, so I installed it manually. et rerun the setup script, everything passed well.
After that, I run Mycroft but get I get problem with pairing skill. And I try to install it on ubuntu 20.04, during the installation I didn’t get any problem, but when i run it, I got the same problem.

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hello, mycroft is dead, and has been for a while, their servers are no more. They went down for good some days ago

You should move to OVOS or Neon

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Thank you very much.
I was thing that the problem come from me.

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Welcome to the community @Seydou_Diallo !

Let us know if you need any more help after you look around :slight_smile: