Previous similar projects

On Kickstarter timeline, it says that in March 2015 there was “Testing of open source alternatives”.

May I ask, which were those projects that were tested?

I ask because I was quite surprised when Ryan didn’t know about Sirius.

Are there any projects that dev team should have a look at?

Quite a long time ago, this thing appeared on my radar:

And of course, thanks to Hollywood, every 1 in 5 personal assistants has to be named Jarvis.

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Yeah, somehow Sirius slipped through the cracks. But we spoke with their team yesterday and may have some things to announce on that front soon! :wink:


Interesting teasing. will you work together to bring some Sirius functions on Mycroft ?

Jasper Project:

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I believe thatdevs know about Jasper and that they took quite a good look at it.
In FAQ, there is question “Is Mycroft based on the Jasper project?”

We looked at Jasper extensively, and had problems getting it to do what we want. I’ve reached out to the Jasper team about working together moving forward. We’ll see what they say! :smile:

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Found one more that seems quite abandoned, but would quite possibly provide something useful for Mycroft:

Found about it from this article:

Voice Command v3.0 for the Raspberry Pi

@Raidptn we played with Steven’s stuff really early on. Pretty neat project!

@ryanleesipes did this thing appear on your radar before?
It seems that there is a lot of overlap in Mycroft’s and Aido’s functionality and what they are trying to achieve, so there is potential for collaboration or partnership.

@testman do you know anyone who is part of the Aido project? Perhaps if they are interested we could collaborate.

Interesting project, does it have voice support @Mihir_Rege, perhaps we could team up with them to add that if they don’t?

Seems like they have Chrome STT for voice recognition and Festival for speech if it’s installed. Will try to download and enable it on my machine so that I can test out what it can do. But even from project description I see that it’s missing Mycroft’s biggest advantage: skills / modularity in general.

Time for some thread necromancy

Some time ago I ranted about how I would love to see whole open-source-AI community step together and check how everyone’s goals align.
I made a short list of all the projects that fall in roughly the same category as Mycroft.

Getting contacts for some of them could be a bit trivial, but for those who have contacts, they should be invited to a mailing list or even some real-time discussion. Important topics would probably be:

  1. Why did you decide to start a new project instead of taking and improving existing one?
  2. What is current architecture of your intelligent personal assistant? How do you plan to implement the improvements?
  3. Figure out what’s the overlap in goals of all the projects. If enough overlap, propose working together.