Possible to use Android to test Mycroft?

Hi everyone,

I am currently installing mycroft-core onto my local server. Before I buy new hardware for this, I would like to test it a bit. My plan is to ditch my old Gen1 Echo Dot and switch to Mycroft.

Is it possible to use an old Android phone as wireless echo dot alternative with mycroft? I am not really sure if I am able to achieve this with the Android way, described here.

Does anyone know, if this could work?
I don’r really want to buy a raspberry, speakers and a USB microphone before I could test-drive mycroft.

Thanks in advance!

Not really.
I am have been trying to do that for a while. The best i could do is use the mycroft android app. The drawbacks were that it doesn’t support wake word detection, Inputs are given by tapping a button which then starts speech recognition and then sends the recognized speech to the mycroft instance, receiving mycroft’s responses was not an issue, except for the fact the response are text, the whole ui is like a texting app. you can turn on text to speech from the setiings app but that would be through google’s text to speech service. Not the mycroft’s mimic2 or mimic1 (which sound completely different from google’s service).
This can be good to get an idea of mycroft but to get a full experience i would suggest a proper setup with mic, speakers etc.
I first tested mycroft on my main desktop pc which runs linux.

I see. Thank you for your answer.
I will look into some cheap periphery