Possibility of displaying information on a RGB matrix display

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to display visual effects based on the current skill to an RGB matrix panel using this bonnet by Adafruit and the corresponding code by hzeller. An example would be a clock skill that would display the time on the panel. Would I need to code new skills from the ground up or could I modify existing skills (or is it even doable)? Apologies if this sounds silly or impossible, I’m quite new to all this, from coding to the Pi itself. (I hope this is also in the right section of the forum lol.) Thanks for any information, I’m eager to start this project if it can be done.

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Hi @Christian_Bast, this might be possible, but you will need to install GPIO support on top of Picroft:

@Christian_Bast I used hzeller’s library for this creation. I didn’t use the Adafruit bonnet though, I used a piece of perfboard instead.


that is amazing @aussieW!

Very impressive! This just made me so much more motivated. I might take up a different adapter or go the perfboard route instead, looks like it might be easier that way anyways.

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