Pokemon - testing and feedback

This skill responds to many questions about Pokemon.

How to install Pokemon

  • Install Pokemon by …
    mycroft-msm install https://github.com/retrodaredevil/pokemon-skill.git

  • Pokemon connects to SERVICES …

    • Pokebase API. No authentication is required, so no API keys are required

How to test Pokemon

  • No set up required
  • Phrases can be found at The github page
  • “What does Pikachu evolve into” (and more phrases on the github page)

Where feedback on Pokemon should be directed a

  • The issues page for most issues
  • This post if you have informal requests, suggestions, or are just too lazy to log into github

Currently this skill only responds to requests on Pokemon and Abilities. I plan on adding Move details and am taking suggestions on what to add in next.


Nice, I will check it tmr.


Ohh I like this skill - sadly pokobase isnt in Danish, so it isnt suited for translation to Danish and then my daughter cant use it :frowning:
And I am not that big fan of pokomins so I can or will translate all the pokobase :wink:

Yeah sadly pokebase doesn’t have all the translations. Another problem is that even though it can respond in the correct language, right now it can only detect Pokémon names and Pokémon abilities in English. I’m not really sure how to detect what name was spoken in different languages since that’s not what pokebase was made for.

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Yah. That is a issue. In Danish the names Are in english, but not their skills.
But a fun skill anyway.

I was testing this skill and asked:
What does Blastoise evolve into?
The skill log line returned Mega Blastoise however mycroft said ‘Blastoise does not evolve’.
While I’m from the OG 151 Pokemon era I agree with the response. However looking into it apparently there is a Mega Blastoise. Is this the correct response?

When I asked ‘What does Mega Blastoise evolve into?’ I got the expected ‘Does not evolve’

I also ran into another issue. When I asked about a nonexistant pokemon it appeared to use the last pokemon I looked up. I was able to repro this by asking about a pokemon that does exist, then asking about a pokemon that does not exist. See the last test for an example.

Additional Tests:

  • What does ditto evolve into
    • Correct answer ‘Ditto does not evolve’
  • What does metapod evolve into
    • Correct answer ‘Metapod evolves into butterfree at level 10’
  • What type is evee?
    • Correct answer 'Eevee is a Normal Type Pokemon
  • What does’Eevee evolve into?
    • Correct answer: Eevee evolves into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon
  • How much does squirtle wight
    • Correct answer (rounded up): Squirtle weighs 20 pounds
  • What generation as mew introduced?
    • Correct answer: Mew was introduced in Generation I
  • What abilities does machop have
    • Correct answer: Machop has ability Guts, and No Guard. and hidden ability Steadfast
  • What does fakePokemonHere evolve into
    • Incorrect response 'Machop evolves into Machoke at level 28’

Overall a very nice skill experience! Initially I thought the only phrase was the one listed on this page, but the github page has a great selection! Great work!

I believe that if a Pokemon has a “Mega” evolution, even though it’s called an evolution, pokebase just lists it as a “Form,” so the answer that Blastoise does not evolve is correct. You can also ask it this: “What form is Mega Blastoise in” and it will tell you it’s in “Mega Blastoise” form.

The reason that “What does fakePokemonName evolve into” uses the last pokemon is so you can have a conversation like this:

“What does Pikachu evolve into” -> Raichu
“What’s its attack” -> Pikachu’s base attack is …

If you wait long enough, it won’t actually respond to “What’s its attack” because the last Pokemon thing only works for a set amount of time, which is somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds.

If you think it’s necessary, I can have a configuration option to turn the last Pokemon thing off, but it’s there so you don’t have to keep saying a Pokemon’s name over and over again. Next time I’m editing the code, I’ll look more closely at why a Mega evolution isn’t really an evolution and see if there’s a way to change that, if I should change that at all, which I haven’t decided yet.

Also, just so you know the “What does eevee evolve into” doesn’t always get answered by pokemon-skill. There are a few others as well that can be answered by other skills. Sometimes they take priority. I’m not sure why.

Thanks for using my skill. I really appreciate the feedback and I’m glad I made something you enjoy!

No problem! I think it makes sense to cache the last pokemon so you don’t have to continue to call it by name. However I do think if a request is made where the request pokemon does not match the cached one it shouldn’t use the cached one. But its very minor issue and something that most likely won’t come up often :slight_smile:

I agree with you on this, but it’s very hard to tell “What does it evolve into” and “What does fake name evolve into” apart. Well, you and I can tell them apart pretty easily, but in order to keep the program as simple as possible, I’m not going to try to check if the input has a fake Pokemon name in it.

If I did, I would have to figure out what a fake Pokemon name qualifies as. If I started working on that it would get complicated pretty quickly and might even stop certain phrases from working correctly.

I have been thinking about using the different intent engine, but the Adapt engine works pretty well so I don’t think I’ll change to the Padatious engine for a while.

One advantage to how it is now is that you can just say something like “final Pikachu evolve”, which isn’t grammatically correct, but it’ll still respond how you would want it to. But I’ll admit it’s pretty annoying when Mycroft mishears the Pokemon name and it just starts talking about the last Pokemon I talked about.

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If No Api is required then why does It dimands when I am trying to install it?

In more than two years, maybe their API changed and now a key is required.

yea maybe things change with time

do you know danish itself has a name in many languages?