Please help with "OSError:[errno-9997] invalid sample rate"

I wanted to make a personal assistant on my RPi3B since ages and Mycroft seemed the most polished so…
I use a cheap CM-108 USB sound card adapter as my mic input and HDMI output.
While running mycroft-setup-wizard on the first run,I get the error OSError:[errno-9997] invalid sample rate.
I know some people have been able to solve this, but I did not exactly understand exactly how to solve.
I should say, I am a complete noob.
Please help me.

Please see this thread;

where a possible workaround is provided.

Will try now.
Will let you know if this works.

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Hi @KathyReid
Thank you for all your help!
Mycroft works like a dream now!


Thanks so much for confirming!