Please Develop These Skills

In the skill development advice section it recommends creating skills that are used. Yet, I cannot find a thread where people simple put out there skills they’d like to see as a user. I don’t have the knowledge to create a skill, but I like the ethos around Mycroft and want to support it.

Thus, this thread is to host skill ideas. Please, developers, take them and run with them.

I’ll be first in line to install.

My DREAM is to have an internet radio alarm. For some reason, there are no apps that actually work–if Mycroft could I’d be grateful. (Perhaps there is one I have not yet discovered–I’m new here).

Example: I want to listen to my local NPR station. It’s in Internet Radio (I replaced “country radio” with the URL for VPR)… If my alarm could take an URL via Mycroft Home and some simple commands to make “radio alarm” an option. The rest of the alarm could remain as is. I could just drop the URL through skills.

Perhaps “radio alarm” as a separate skill? I wish I had the Python skills and time! :slight_smile:

This was also posted in the Mycroft Alarm thread, but I thought a larger pool of developers might be interested in this basic, desired skill.

Sports scores would be a nice skill. I’d love to just say “Mycroft, football scores” and have it rattle off the Sunday games.

Thanks @darlingtom for these suggestions - they’re excellent. We’re working at the moment to provide easier ways to help suggest, prioritize - and importantly - contribute to Skills development. We want to develop templates to help people design Skills, and to make Skills development a little easier.

Have you seen our Skills channel on Chat?

I was thinking about making this… Found a nice soccer api that has all the european teams, european and worldcup and … Could prbably also be used with american football?

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tjoen & darlington,

depends on the api, (Alphabet soup alert!): if it uses HTTP/REST with a JSON response, then this is easy with the python requests library( ) and python json support. I have used requests for several of my projectss and it is straight forward to use. One way to look at it is that it allows you to mimic your browser’s address bar.

Another issue I see a lot is that some apis, especially sports related, are fee based or short term free trial. So, for a maker/hobbyist, this can affect how you approach development/tinkering around.

If you find or make one for Hockey, let me know! :):smile_cat: