Playing music with Jellyfin

Hello Mycrofters,

I’m getting so close to playing music locally from JellyFin. I say “Hey Mycroft” … “Play The Beatles from Jellyfin” and see this in skills.log:

2021-08-06 10:44:31.467 | INFO     |  1081 | Jellyfin | Found match of type: artist
2021-08-06 10:44:31.468 | INFO     |  1081 | Jellyfin | match levelCPSMatchLevel.ARTIST
2021-08-06 10:44:31.470 | INFO     |  1081 | Jellyfin | First 3 item urls returned
2021-08-06 10:44:31.471 | INFO     |  1081 | Jellyfin |

But no music :neutral_face: The reply is “I don’t know how to …”.

I copy the first URL and drop it in a browser on the laptop I’m SSHing to the RasPi from, and it plays a Beatles song! So the URL being generated is good as it works remotely, but not internally to Mycroft.

Any ideas on how to proceed? Is there something similar to a “-vvvv” debug mode?


-Mike M

Replying to my own post after digging deeper, I now see farther down in skills.log:

2021-08-06 10:44:39.709 | INFO     |  1081 | Playback Control Skill | Resolving Player for: the beatles from jellyfin
2021-08-06 10:44:47.341 | INFO     |  1081 | Playback Control Skill |    No matches

So even though the song (URL) can be played by Jellyfin, mycroft does not find a player.

In the file /opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-playback-control.mycroftai/ and the function play_query_timeout(), it would seem if best: and the elif fail. I can’t make much more of the python code.

How do I set mycroft to understand that jellyfin is also a music player?



Best is to share your skill code. Am sure one of the Python guru’s can help you out.


If you have the jellyfin skill installed, all the code is under /opt/mycroft/skills/jellyfin-skill/

Mostly in

I haven’t changed a byte.


Ah right, wasn’t aware of the existing skill. I don’t have or know jellyfish so can’t help you out myself.


FINALLY got Mycroft and Jellyfin playing music with voice input! (been working on this on the side for more than a year).

I decided to try Ubuntu server 20.04 over Raspbian. After installing and customizing Mycroft and Jellyfin, no music was playing with different errors :frowning: Neither was weather nor news working - strangely quite a number of files were missing the .py suffix. So I deleted and reinstalled Mycroft and then the music just started playing.

The first song that came up after I said “Play the Beatles” was “Fool on the Hill”. Maybe Mycroft is trying to tell me something? :slight_smile:

-Mike M

P.S. Check out - might this be a good house for Mycroft and RasPis to live in?

how did you get it to actually play what you tell it to? it just seems to shuffle all my music no matter what i tell it to play.

The first is/should be a straight pick. If not, check the cli what mycroft’s receiving.


I want to write this up into a HOWTO. However, Mycroft is being fickle and will not play music for me today.

I’ll keep digging…

-Fool on the Hill
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I watched the cli before I made the post and it seems to go through every other skill, say it can’t find it then it will show the jellyfin skill being triggered but it doesn’t do anything. It did decide to stop shuffling for a bit, then started doing it again. I think the skill may need a bit of work.