Playing music stored on a home network

hi, as an end user consumer i have stored all my music on a synology NAS… i only need to access that music within my own network, not from an outside source such as youtube, spotify etc. i assume from above that copyright has no concern for me for neon mk2 to access it to play. there is no interest in samples and for an end user i suggest are irrelevant.
BUT there is no skill (i can find yet) that even mentions access local network music or send video to a tv using an inhouse storage,
Being of mature years my IT skills are very limited causing much frustration with what seemed to be a brill gadget [neon Mk2] to help my life ( and brain functionality) whilst detesting the likes of amazon, google, MS, etc. The idea of of near total privacy appealed but how does that work with netflix, spotyify, utube, websites etc being accessed by neon. i would ask if all your skill efforts are prioritized for the privacy end user ( the money market).
sorry its a rant but i do find navigating all these techo aspects a barrier, it is an age thing.


I have my music available over nfs/wfw protocols but don’t have a way to play it.
I even have a portable solution with a USB ssd with subset of my favorite music.

Mind bogling.

@mikejgray is there anything from the connectivity you added lately that would help with what @fleetwood and @fromport are trying to do?

I run Plex on my Synology NAS and have an alpha skill that plays it on the Mark 2: GitHub - mikejgray/skill-plex: Plex Media Skill

If there’s interest I can share how to install and configure on the Mark 2.

In the meantime, there’s an app called PlexAmp that you can run on mobile, or you can just use the Plex UI on your browser, and cast it to the Mark 2 as a Bluetooth speaker or via Airplay. Since fall of last year, the Mark 2 has had that option.

The Plex skill can be hit or miss - the underlying media framework is being revamped right now so it handles scale better - but I’ve only had success with using the Mark 2 as a speaker. Try that out and see if it works for you, or I’m happy to walk you through using the skill. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are multiple views on this:

If you have centralized music storage and you want it available on multiple devices, local streaming (eg plex) is absolutely the way to go. But it will mean (another) dedicated computer(VM) to do that.
But the alternative is just a very simple approach.
You have music available at “a location”.
Being it a usb stick (I am using the original MK2 for that in my car btw!), a SSD or a nfs/wfw mounted location with your favorite files.
I am looking for a very simple local way to play those in (random) sequency and be able to fast forward to next or something.

There is this in neon.

And ovos has this. GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/skill-ovos-local-media: Local File Browser for OpenVoice OS Platform

Im not sure how well they wirk, but could be a starting point


As builderjer said, there are some local music skills, but they may or may not work very well. Especially at scale… I’d generally lean towards something like Plex or Jellyfin and use the skills available for them, but if you want to do everything from a straight file list, the local music skills are the best place to start.

For fleetwood’s use case, since the Synology has the ability to pretty easily run a Plex service directly on the device and serve files in the NAS, I’d recommend that as the most straightforward path forward.

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