Playback Control

Currently I use the “Playback Control” skill to hand over the term “Play this and that song” to my squeeze skill. However the “Playback Control” skill always has a
in its skill so it does wast some time by saying it is searching for the song…

I would like rather to immediately start searching or play the song without the “” speak.
Do I need to deactivate this skill and implement the “play this an that song” into my skill or is there another way?


we do encourage people to use the playback control skill to ensure that the skill plays nicely with other skills.

I Think the best solution would be to have an option in the playback control skill settings to lower the timeout waiting for skills to come back with results and if it should speak that it’s checking…

If you’d like to add this functionallity a PR would be most welcome. If not I’ll add it as an internal todo.

Best regards / Åke

Yes would be nice to configure this via the skill so we can actually turn this off.

Does the playback control actually pause the song / audio playback when you ask Mycroft another question?