Pip install Error

Hey all! New to Mycroft and recently picking up programming again so I can start my goal of being a lifelong learner in field I love. So this is that one project to keep referring to when my will falters. Also forgive my ignorance I’m relearning Python and Os’s other than Windows lol. I’m just trying to get this set up initially so I can start contributing lol. Anywho.

Ubuntu v20.02
I’ve installed the most recent version of pip (20.1.1) and verified with pip --version. When I then dev_setup.sh it get’s a decent way before uninstalling the most current version of pip for the older version (20.0.2) the giving me an error that the most reason version is up to date and I should update, then cancels the mirror install. Thoughts? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi Kayboofy,

We lock most of our packages to specific versions to be safe. It’s easy for a small update in one of our many dependencies to break everything and it has happened before.

The way it’s setup, Mycroft first creates it’s own Python virtual environment and then installs all the dependencies in this. So it shouldn’t be removing the more recent version of pip from your main python install, only for the virtual environment (or venv).

So you probably have your regular version of pip at:
Then if you enter the mycroft-core venv and check your pip version:

cd ~/mycroft-core
source .venv/bin/activate
pip --version

You should find that you have a completely different version of pip at:

Because it’s not the absolute latest version it will flash an error at you, but it should still work perfectly fine.

Can you give some more detail on the mirror install? Is that referring to apt not being able to fetch from local mirrors? If you can include any error messages you’re seeing that will be very helpful.