PineVox from Pine64 - Capable hardware for NeonAI or OVOS?

Does anybody have any information on the newly announced PineVox? The description isn’t exactly brimming with details. This is what I’ve seen:

The PineVox is a BL606P based home assistant smart speaker. Designed to help build a good community option for voice interactions with software such as Home Assistant.
Currently a small number of developer seed units have been given out. Work is ongoing by Ralim & Gamiee to get a minimal firmware image ready to allow for demonstration and to prove all hardware fully functional etc.

More information on the unit should be available soon on our new documentation page. Features of note include the hardware microphone kill switch, and the ability to debug the unit externally. The hardware microphone killswitch allows the software to mute the microphone but unmuting has to be performed using the button on the device. Muting the microphone disables the clock connection to the microphone, giving peace of mind that it really, really isnt listening to you.

Giving users control of the smart devices in their home and allowing for you to control the security is important, and we are working on the PineVox to help enable that future.

Another notable aspect worth mentioning is the speaker. Designed specifically for voice applications rather than music playback, it ensures clear and high-quality voice audio reception.

All that can be read here:

I’m not sure if this is something NeonAI or OVOS can run on or if it’s more like a satellite for HA?

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I haven’t looked into this one yet but the specs in that article indicate it should be able to run everything locally. I see they link to Sunxi who also make the chip in the Orange Pi 5; one of the challenges I had with that is the modules aren’t in the mainline Linux kernel and they don’t support kernel 6.x (only 5.10 last I checked).

If they have mainline kernel support (including modules for the audio) then it should be pretty easy to update Neon or OVOS builds to support it. I’ll look into this with @NeonClary to see if it might be something we want to add to our Community Projects Page on GitHub - Neon AI (NeonGeckoCom) .