PinePhone support?

it would be epic if mycroft could be like siri for the pinephone. i used mycroft on my computer i thought it was cool but i had no use because i could just search it. but if i could have it on the pinephone then i would rather use it than google.

also this is the first time i made a topic and i didn’t know what category this would go in so i put it in features

chance did a video

source code:

NOTE: not a full mycroft core, it connects to an existing one
NOTE2: can be changed, but by default uses googleSTT (free :wink: ) not mycroft’s servers

Indeed! Being as I got credit for the video, somebody should give Jarbas credit for writing everything you see there. Up to that point I’d just been troubleshooting =P

Work on this has barely begun, but you can start helping us test once we’ve got a bit of middleware to help it execute actual code at the phone end.

In that video, I’m running Manjaro.

Only a handful of people are involved so far, but discussion has been taking place in the ~mobile channel on Mycroft’s chat server.

we also got ~hivemind now, for hivemind specific stuff