Picroft with Jabra 410 mic not working

I am using the latest Picroft image (v0.9.1) on the Raspberry Pi 3 and connected to the Jabra 410.

I had to edit the mycroft.conf file to get the audio to work by changing this line :

““play_wav_cmdline”: “aplay -Dhw:0,0 %1”

to this line:

“play_wav_cmdline”: “aplay -Dplughw:1,0 %1”

This fixed the audio issue however the mic is still not working at all, the Mycroft CLI shows this:

Other than the mic issue everything else works fine, I was able to connect to wifi and pair it to my account. And I am able to type voice commands as well.

I am a complete noobie to this so thanks in advance!

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I’m also trying to use a Jabra 410. Lets work together. :slight_smile:

Check out post 15 in this thread. Mycroft CLI shows no Mic, test_microphone working .

I did sudo vi /etc/pulse/default.pa to edit the file.

Hold tight, we’re tracking a recent problem with Picroft and microphone, that has been present since last Thursday. More updates as they come to hand.

Please see my recient comment here…