Picroft WakeWord detection stopped working


I am running Picroft on Pi3B+ with ReSpeaker 4 Mic Array and Precise listener. I am really struggling with the Wake Word detection. It was working initially, but not extremely. During one of my debugging sessions I spoke the wake word 5+ times and since then Mycroft stopped responding to wake words at all.

The micrphone and the language processing seems to be working as I can set timers if I initiate communication via CLI. This looks similar to the issue described here.

Please advise.

Have you changed wake words? Which listener are you using? What’s in the voice.log?

False alarm, it seems. I cannot reproduce this any more. Wake word with precise is working again, but I am pretty sure that this morning, when I botted Mr M I wasn’t able wake him with my utterances.

Thanks for a reply and for a tip to check voice.log! To answer haven’t changed the wake word but I played with the listener and moved between PocketSphinx and Precise prior to the freeze. I restarted couple of times too.

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