Picroft using AIY dies not work, dors not detect sound

I have Picroft set to AIY and are using Voice Kit v1. Whenever I say anything into the microphone, it does not detect it. The CLI interface shows no indication of it. However, the microphone test works fine, Mycroft can talk, and he will answer when I use mycroft-say-to

Hi Ethan,

Apologies for the delayed response. I don’t have an AIY Kit myself and based on the feedback from other users here, it goes through stages of working or not.

Can I check, are you using the latest Picroft image dated 2019-07-20? I know some fixes got pushed with that image.

Have you already had a look at our audio troubleshooting guide?

There are also some detailed instructions that others have posted for work arounds they have used.

We do try to maintain support, however it’s a constantly moving target and changes made at different layers of the audio stack outside of our control can have adverse impacts.