Picroft to Raspbian GUI

Newb question but I’ve been trying to google this but haven’t found something concrete.
When I exit mycroft-cli-client and am transported back to the command line, how would I be able to access and startup the Raspbian GUI as I don’t want to be stuck on picroft when booting up?
Currently stuck at (.venu)pi@picroft:~$


You’d have to install one. There’s several guides on doing this on the internet you can check out.

I already installed Raspbian though through the microSD NOOBS on initial setup. After that I installed Picroft and now I’m having isssues switching back to Raspbian GUI. Does this make sense?

did you burn the picroft image to the card?

Yes I burned the picroft image to the card.

Doing that overwrites what was previously on the card.

Either you’ll need to do add a gui as mentioned above, or re-flash to raspbian with a gui and then do a git install of mycroft.