Picroft speaker connected but only listening wake word sound

When speaking to Mycroft or by passing an order through the cli, mycroft logs the answer but doesn’t speak.
After saying “Hey Mycroft” a sound is reproduced so the connection and config of the speaker is working, is just a speaker connected via the Jack output.
I would appreciate the feedback.

I am also getting this behaviour. I have a desktop configuration on Fedora 27 (fully updated) and a Mycroft noob in my first install. Let me know. Thanks!

Hi there, audio is one of the key problems people have with the Picroft.
Have a read of the documentation here, and let us know if that doesn’t solve the issue.

The problem is that the audio output seems alright, i tested it with the command speaker-test -Dhw:0,0 -c2 -twav and its working all right, as I already told you after the wake up word I hear the tone indicating its already recording and I get a response after a question in the cli.

Hold tight, we’re tracking a recent problem with Picroft and microphone, that has been present since last Thursday. More updates as they come to hand.

Hi there! I’m also having this issue on Picroft on an RPi 3:

  • When I say “Hey Mycroft,” the system plays back the “listening” chime
  • The CLI tool shows the corresponding mic level, logs my voice command, displays it correctly, and returns the correct answer in text
  • It does not speak the answer or make any other noise

I’m using a Blue Snowball mic plugged into USB; this takes the input just fine (as indicated above).
For output, I have a pair of headphones plugged into a USB sound card, which plays back the chime in perfect quality.
On startup, Mycroft says it’s updated to the latest version.
WiFi access is all good.

Thanks for working on this! Open source ftw :slight_smile:

It sounds like your issues are somewhere in the TTS engine being used, considering that everything else seems to be working okay (mic input, speaker output, wake word trigger and intent parser). I haven’t dug into the details of restoring/replacing/configuring the TTS engine, but it might be a good place to start troubleshooting.

Oh wow, that looks fascinating! I’ll try and dig into it, though I confess it seems pretty far out of my depth (more hardware than software exp over here), and it sounds like it’s the same issue @KathyReid was working on, so hopefully a breakthrough will come.

Some super cool tools on there – I’m not sure how I’d feel about the machine talking back to me in my own voice O_o