Picroft skill install not working via voice

Hello everyone,

I recently installed picroft on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ but it seems that I can’t install most of the skills via voice. While I did not have this problem with the Naptime skill, an error occurred with Spotify, Telegram, Auto Volume and other skills. Log says the following:

I ran bash update.sh and it ran without any errors. Installing those skills via ‘msm install’ works though.

Yah I see that to. I have just uninstalled auto volume skill to check if it would install, and I couldnt get it installed by voice or throu the cli. But couldnt……
Didnt get same errors like you, but the installer just didnt find a matching skill :frowning:

There seems that there just now is going something on by the market and by the installer, so it could be related to that.

Great, at least it’s not just me :'D I had this problem yesterday already…

Hey, just letting you know that I’ve had a look into it and it’s definitely not you!

We’re working on a fix now :slight_smile:

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