PiCroft recognizes seeed hat only outside of mycroft

Got the drivers working for seeed respeaker 4-mic array. I can test, record, and play back my recordings from the console. I see them in alsamixer. When I reboot into mycroft, it does not hear me. When I attempt to record, I receive an error.
arecord: main:788: audio open error: Device or resource busy
mycroft then hangs and I must quit.

I have the same problem.

Same problem here with the 4-mic array ReSpeaker unit.

Update: I got it working, but it works only until after I ask it the first question, then it freezes.

Hi Heinz,
Did you do anything in particular to get it working or it just started working one time?
Are you getting any interesting log messages when it freezes?


No, no log messages. I’ve removed a few skills (Wiki, NPR news, Joke) skills as I thought it’s one of the skills that’s messing things up but it still looses the mic after a few interactions. Not sure why. The mic array itself keeps working outside of MyCroft, it’s just as if MyCroft looses the mic array.

Maybe the mic array is too sensitive for MyCroft?

same issue!!!
can anyone show us corrects solution?
thank u in advance.

Hmm, when it stops working, if you run:

mycroft-start debug

does it work again for a limited number of interactions?